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Bryan N. de Bruin

Founder of Brown FX Studio &

Lover of tea, traveling & VW Westy's.
Currently residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

I've a nomadic soul by birth and I'm a hippie all my life. From a young age I have a passion for survival, (wild) camping and traveling. I've been practicing these skills since my childhood.
For the age of 15 I'm a active long distance hiker and have seen many parts of Europe by foot, most of the time I combined the hikes with wild camping.

Since the spring of 2018, I have been practicing a new sport. I've started long-distance longboarding and already have driven quite a few kilometers. The setup I'm rolling is a bamboo deck with Paris V2 180mm satin blue trucks & 75mm wheels.

In addition, I have a huge love for Westfalia camper vans, specifically the Volkswagen Westfalia California models. This love has growen from the age of 8 or 9. Because of this love I started a forum back in 2018. Just to creat a online place where all Westfalia lovers and owners have to possibility to come together.

Bryan N. de Bruin


Brown FX Studio

I have been told since 2013 that I had to do something with video / photography. Some friends and acquaintances of that time sometimes took me to parties, where I was regularly asked to take photos and videos of the party itself and people saw the skills, I control with an camera. However, I didn't see it at all. Untill I started to see it for myself, I decided to open a studio to present my work in early 2016. This is partly because, after years of hearing, I do something with these skills.

At first, the videography part of the studio,  never really had a proper start up. The reason behind this is, because the photography section toke the overhand. As an result, there is quite a lot of photographic material, but no video graphic matrial. In the end, things didn't worked out as planned and I decided in the autumn of 2018 to stop and close the studio completely.

After it was closed, the question where asked me, several times. "Will the studio ever come back?" I always kept saying "no". But after long thought, talking to several videographers, friends and other acquaintances, I decided in the spring of 2019 to restart the studio.

How did I come up with the idea to create the Westfalia forum? People often ask me that question.
The Westfalia forum was conceived and created by me for one simple reason, there was none.

There were English, German, French, Spanish and even Portuguese-language Westfalia forums to be found on the internet. But not a Dutch-language forum that focused specifically on Westfalia models.
Until I made this discovery and researched the domain names "" & "".
Surprisently, these were avalible to purchase and I bought them without a doubt.

The end result of that idea, is nowadays

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